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20 minute

Care and support is unique to each individual. I'm here to discuss what Postpartum Care may look and feel like to you.  



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60 minutes 

Together we'll prepare to make sure you feel secure and supported. We'll discuss hospital or homebirth checklists, meal preparation, self care practices, career and household responsibilities and much more!



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Minimum 3 hours

Ayurvedic postpartum meals available to cook in your home or by delivery. Warm, nourishing, delicious and digestible.



€35 p/h

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4 days a week for 1 - 6 weeks

Full spectrum of care and support as you transition into motherhood including food, household, abhyanga, herbal, belly - binding, companionship.  


€35 p/h 

Postpartum Planning Consultation

As an expecting parent enters into the third trimester a beautiful, natural process of “nest & gather” will begin. I’m here to offer simple, grounding, practical tools to support your family's preparation.   

Together we’ll prepare the nest that is unique to you & your family's needs.

The following is a sample of preparation and care available.

  • Pantry and food shopping lists.

  • New mother self care practices.

  • Hospital or home birth checklist.

  • Nutrition, digestion and hydration. 

  • Simple nourishing recipes.

  • Meal train platform for friends, family and neighbours.

  • Herbal support for rest and rejuvenation. 

  • Community and family support.

  • Household responsibilities and support.

  • Career/out of home organisation.

  • Bespoke care and preparation for any areas you‘ve identified as potentially problematic. 

Transitioning into motherhood can be void of routine and for many of us this can be challenging. By working together in preparation you will feel a sense of security as you begin your journey.


This service is available online at a cost of €80 for one hour with all follow up , individualised support and preparation material included. A free 20min pre-consultation is available before you confirm. If you require additional support and follow up, subsequent weekly mini consultations are available at €35 (1 hour). If this service is out of reach due to financial boundaries, reach out and we can discuss creative options. 

In-home Ayurvedic Postpartum Care

A caregiving day may look and feel like this;  I’ll arrive at your home at 10am with two nourishing pots of food for mama and family if desired. Together we’ll sit and discuss anything that is showing up for you and baby, emotions, thoughts, sleep, elimination, digestion, and breast-feeding. This space is boundless with no limitations. I invite, and empower you to share with me whatever feels comfortable.


After our daily check-in I’ll prepare herbal remedies to assist with lactation, digestion, strength and rejuvenation. I will then begin to set up space for your daily hot oil massage or “Abhyanga” to restore balance. Reminder, this is not about pampering! It helps in moving waste out of the cells, through the channels for elimination, in addition to improving overall physiology. After your rejuvenating massage, I will encourage you to rest and soak in a warm bath or shower.


Your beautiful baby will be fed before this care, but if more food is required at any time we’ll be flexible and tend to whatever your baby wants (probably just to be close to mama). A nourishing home-cooked lunch will be ready for you after bathing. As you enjoy this grounding, warming, rejuvenative food I’ll enjoy some light housework. Below are some other samples of supportive, nourishing care offered to newborn mothers;

Sample of In-home Ayurvedic Caregiving:

  • 1 prenatal visit at your home or online

  • Warm, moist, nourishing, home cooked meals specific to your digestion - This includes 2 meals a day with snacks and beverages 

  • Daily consultation and support

  • Daily Mama’s Abhyanga Massage for rest and rejuvenation of the tissues, cells and nervous system

  • Emotional support and birth processing

  • Belly Binding to support healing

  • Meditation and breath-work for clarity and calming

  • Light housework and household care

  • Herbal support for breast-feeding, digestion, rejuvenation

  • Basic breast-feeding and lactation support

  • Self-care practise instructions

  • Baby abhyanga instructions 

  • Community and family support

  • Bespoke care and preparation for any areas you‘ve identified as potentially problematic

One week's Postpartum Package consists of 4 days In-home Care, Monday - Friday. I encourage you to consider these services during the first and/or second trimester to avail of a payment plan. However, please remember you’re never too late to receive this care. Reach out and I’ll meet our conversation with care, compassion and kindness. I believe all women should have access to this care, so if the below packages are outside of your financial boundaries or you simply would like to speak about the type of support that feels right to you, reach out and we can discuss creative options. 

My services are available within a 50km radius of Galway city. I'm available to travel anywhere within Ireland for a minimum of two weeks care. For national travel alternative lodging will be required. I'm also available to travel internationally for the full sacred spectrum of care, six to eight weeks. 

Ayurvedic Postpartum Cooking

What is Ayurvedic Postpartum Cooking?

Simple, warm, nourishing foods that are easy to digest and appropriate for the person at this moment in time. The following factors are also considered when cooking; the season in which birth took place, the persons current state of health, the persons overall health throughout life, cultural preferences, normal diet, state of digestion and birth circumstances. 

After the transformational experience of birth, the space in which the baby occupied is now empty. This empty space elevates air and movement in the body (Vata), which may be experienced as dryness, insomnia, anxiety and fear. To maintain health this empty space needs to be soothed and brought back to balance with rest, routine and nourishment. 

Another aspect of maintaining health in Postpartum is through rebuilding digestive fire (Agni), which becomes greatly decreased following birth. The strength of our digestive fire is vital to overall health. Remember, it is not only food we digest but also emotions, mental and physical experiences. Like a campfire that is carefully tended to, digestive fire will gradually grow stronger with warm, hydrating, easy to digest, delicious food. 


Sample In-home Postpartum Cooking

When I cook in your home each day may consist of ;

  • Main Meal for Lunch & Dinner

  • Meat stock

  • Spiced Milk Tonic

  • Snack

  • Condiments

  • Herbal Tea Decoction

If you're not available to make breakfast, we can discuss pre-made mix options.

As already highlighted, this care is individualised, especially when it comes to our sense of taste. We'll work on meals you traditionally love to eat, and how to make them Postpartum appropriate. Food will also be chosen through seasonality, culture and most important, digestibility.  

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